The Outcome

4,562 ~ 4,562 ~ 4,562

Did this for real happen? The Period Project gave 4,562 feminine products to the girls of Sumner Academy. I am going to be honest and let you all know that my original goal I had in mind was 2,500. Thought it was a good realistic goal, but as I was writing out the post for my blog to raise awareness and get people to donate, I got a little ambitious like I tend to do sometimes and typed out 5,000 instead. And to be even more honest, I was a little nervous I wasn’t even going to make the 2,500 goal or even 1,000. This week when I was counting with Jordan, I was blown away and emotional when I saw 3,320 as the total and then even more when I had a couple more counts come in later in the week. I cried a couple tears as I drove up to Sumner Academy this morning and seeing the buses lined up and the students getting off and going into school. This is real life.

What a fun project. So glad I listened to that gut feeling, the inspiration tugging at my heart. If I didn’t sit down and start making this happen, none of this would be typed out and those products wouldn’t be there for the girls. Man, the things you can do if you sit down and do the work. And the things that can happen with the help of others. And most of all, some encouragement and strength from God helps a lot too.

THANK YOU to everyone that participated. You did amazing things!
I will remember this.

A post from a teacher I had during my time at Sumner Academy that is still teaching there whom helped me pull this off!