Tips To Stay Organized & On Top Of Your Bills

giphyToday I feel like writing this post using Sex & The City gifs. Just because!

As you know, I am on my adventure to being debt free. I told you about completing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and paying off my first three credit cards.


Bye credit cards 😉

So I had finally started to get into a groove with this whole being better with my money and focused on paying down debt thing.


And then I left my job I was miserable at and it halted my progress. I needed to find ways to pay the bills since I didn’t have another solid job lined up.


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25 Highlights From 2016 & Looking Ahead to 2017


I would say 2016 has been my toughest year yet; for many reasons. Some of it, I have already written about and others I am sure will eventually make it’s way on this blog. In other ways, it has been a great year. Almost a perfect combination of bittersweet.

I took time to reflect on 2016 and made a list of 25 highlights. I am taking December to start putting together my goals and visions for 2017. Maybe this will inspire you to do the same? 🙂

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Paying Off My Second & Third Credit Cards


Paying off my first credit card was an amazing feeling and something I was proud to do on my own. Cutting the card and calling them up to cancel my account altogether was a gratifying feeling because I felt like I had broken the first link to the chain of bills I have felt strapped down by. This was all going to be possible. One day, these cards and loans were going to be all gone.

You know, credit cards are a funny thing, especially the store kind. When you think about it, I voluntarily signed up for more bills. Bills that weren’t essential to living like rent, electricity, and water. It was like I raised my hand eagerly saying, “Yes! Yes! Please give me more bills! I want to pay more!” Sigh

Yeah! Let's do this!

Yeah! Let’s do this!

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Being the Extra Sprinkles for Others: A Manifesto


The past week has been a tough one for a tremendous amount of people. I’ve been reading and listening and observing and observing and listening and reading some more. I’ve had my heart cozied close by my side monitoring how much I am taking in as to not be consumed and swallowed up by the negativity and hate oozing through the words scrawled all across social media platforms.

I am being aware and alert. I have turned in toward myself and have been asking myself what plan of action am I going to take? Who I am going to choose to be? I’ve been soaking in the motivational and inspirational posts for support and I flipped through I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones for some guidance too.

People tend to really take action when they have hit a rock bottom or experienced a wake up call. Last week, a lot of people felt that feeling. And now, I believe there will be a lot of actions being taken place. Good and bad. Continue reading

Pennies: A Wink From God


Before reading this post, please  click here and read a post I had blogged in 2012 called, “3 Pennies” because it will make a lot more sense!

While I was going through the darkness of dealing with the bad job and feeling so much uncertainty of what to do and what would be next for me, I read Mandy Hale’s Beautiful Uncertainty: Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping Out on Faith. I don’t think I could have read a better book at the time.

There is a chapter,  in which she encourages the reader to pray and ask for a “God wink.” A God wink is something that is special and unique only between you and God. The whole idea is to ask for a sign from God to let you know that He is there.

This is something I had wanted really bad. My relationship with God and the universe had been so silent for a while and now I wanted to know for sure that He was there, He was listening, and He knew what I was going through.

I read the prayer at the end of the chapter and I continued to pray about it alone silently in my bedroom while I laid on my bed. My hands grasped together tightly on my stomach and my eyes clenched shut as if that helps to pray harder. 

Give me a sign. Please, just give me a sign.

Eventually, I peeked my eyes open and looked around my room as if some sort of sign magically appeared while they were closed; like it would happen that fast. Nothing yet. Continue reading

Paying Off My First Credit Card & Steps You Can Take In Your Financial Life


Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes were in full swing in February. Every Thursday, I would grab a smoothie from Robeks (because remember, I was transitioning to healthier choices!) and head to class.

One of the first assignments was to go through everything and total up all of our debt. We would write in on a piece of paper and give it to the facilitators and they added up everyone’s debt. Then they wrote the overall debt for the whole class on the board.

I had visited my car loan, student loans, and five credit cards and had my total down to the cent. I was just a couple hundred dollars shy of $40,000. * gulp * My 24 year old soul was feeling the pressure of that number crushing it.

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Dealing with the Darkness of a Bad Job (Part 2)


Designed by Rachel Marshall

If you didn’t catch Part 1, you can read it here. I am choosing not to provide the name of this company.*

May 14

“Trust the beauty of your becoming and the significance of your story. Every sentence of it.” From Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale

Last night’s sentence consisted of two mental and emotional breakdowns. They have become regular; almost weekly. By the end of the week, I had been celebrating the fact that I hadn’t cried all week. Then Friday hit. Another hard day. Tears tried to surface my eyeballs on the way home while on the phone. I pushed them back.

Once my feet stepped into my room, the tears wanted their moment to escape. I walked into my closet and sat down and the tears dropped from my face quickly and quietly. I grabbed my phone to call Jordan. Another phone call of me crying in frustration. This time more annoyed. “I sound like a broken record,” I told him. “How much more of this do I take?” Continue reading

Dealing with the Darkness of a Bad Job (Part 1)


*I am consciously deciding not to provide any company names in this post.

During a dinner with a couple of my BFFs, we were catching up on each other’s lives and I vividly remember saying out loud for the first time, “I don’t know if I actually hate my job or if this is just a phase…” I think in the depths of my heart and my gut, I knew I really did hate my job, but was possibly in denial or didn’t know how to open up about it just yet.

It had started to get bad at my job. I knew I wasn’t happy and I was starting to become physically, emotionally, and mentally strained. I already had reflected on the year before and figured out my stress patterns of eating and impulse buying things to try to give myself moments of happiness and I knew I couldn’t go back to that. I wanted to try to handle this in a healthy way.

So I used a gift card and bought a bunch of books off Amazon that were all about health, personal development, and career advice. I subscribed to podcasts, The Wellness Wonderland (now Let It Out with Katie Dalebout) and #Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso to learn and be inspired.

Then I decided to start job searching. Again.

Two months roll by and I didn’t have one interview yet. The job…got worse too. It started to become more toxic as time went on and the first person put in their two weeks.

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Month 2: Seeing How Self-Conscious I Had Become


In the second month of my health adventure, I started to get into a better groove of doing Jillian Michael’s workout DVDs in my living room and running when it was warm enough. It was getting easier to shop in the healthier sections of Target and I was obsessed with Naked juices.

In mid January, after a weekend of having Starbucks three times, I decided to challenge myself to lay off of it for a little bit. After a week, and then two weeks of no Starbucks, I decided to take the challenge even further and complete a whole month. I realized I enjoyed this month long challenge because it was something small enough for me to achieve rather than trying to be as perfect as possible and do everything just right. Continue reading

Month 1: The First Step I Took Toward My Goal To Be Debt Free

I have a dear friend named Danielle. I met her in 2013 through Blue Key when she was a student at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). We have kept in touch over the years and despite living states away, she has become a cherished friend of mine.

Danielle and I typically talk about a couple topics that are usually the last thing people like to talk about with one another: religion and money.

Awhile back, we were talking about faith and our financial lives. We expressed how we struggled with money. She recommended a course she took called Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. After she told me I had to pay for the course, I wasn’t digging the idea. So I didn’t take her advice and decided to “save” the money.

Toward the end of 2015, I started to catch on that I really did suck when it came to money and how to handle it. Again, Danielle and I were in one of our catch up sessions and at this point in time after applying what she had learned from the course and seeing results it no longer became a suggestion thrown out there. She flat out messaged me, “DO IT.” In all caps and everything. Continue reading