On one of my favorite podcasts, “Let It Out with Katie Dalebout”, it has been mentioned in many episodes that your 20’s are like a second adolescence. As a girl in my prime time 20-something stage of life, I would agree. There have been a lot of growing pains, mistakes, failures, and I am only halfway there.

Just like the teenage years where there are a lot of firsts and learning to do, the twenties are similar when you are trying to navigate your first day at a new job and you still are trying to figure out how to make new friends. Things seem way more dramatic than they probably are and us twenty-somethings are probably taking ourselves way too seriously.

After blogging as Glitter and the Girly Girl for almost five years, it was time for a rebrand as the evolution of my life has shifted enough and changed enough for a new direction. Glitter and the Girly Girl was created shortly after the historical breakup of 2011 as I like to call it when I got my heart broken and at the beginning stages of my college career. The Extra Sprinkles was created out of a different kind struggle.

During the breakup, I cried a lot. Fives year later, I found myself crying even more. And this time it wasn’t over a boy. I was unhappy for multiple reasons and they will be unveiled over time on The Extra Sprinkles.

The Extra Sprinkles are the steps, actions, resources, and more that helped me through the tough season of life I was in and am experiencing as a twenty-something woman trying to find my place. And I hope they can help you too. I believe they can be useful even if you are a teenager now or in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. They are simply small things we can do to make our lives bigger and better.

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So hello! Welcome!

Currently, I am a 26-year-old living the city life in downtown Kansas City, MO. I am an Admissions Counselor for my alma mater, freelance writer and public relations specialist, and also work part time for a cool KC apparel company. After juggling multiple jobs, I think I can safely call myself a #Girlboss. (I am slightly obsessed with Sophia Amoruso.) I have a handsome fiance named Jordan (in which I am beyond thankful for his love and support!) and a dog mom to one of the cutest puppiest that’s ever been born, named Oliver! I am a faith-filled Christian that’s growing and learning daily to strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

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