2017 Goal Review + What’s To Come In 2018

Oh my gosh.


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What a year!

Here is how my 2017 goals went; including what was accomplished and the ones that were unsuccessful:

Pay off last two credit cards
What. a. relief! I started my debt-free journey with 5 credit cards and it was so exciting to pay off the last two big ones! Now I just have my car and student loans left. What?!

Set aside $500 for Christmas
This felt like a a huge accomplishment to me because for years, I have loved the idea of having a Christmas Fund and had yet to succeed in actually saving and having one, until 2017! I could tell there was less worry and sweat when shopping and now it’s January and I don’t have a credit card statement coming in the mail reminding me of my Christmas purchases! 

The Extra Sprinkles for sure was that my story was shared on Dave Ramsey’s Facebook and Instagram channels!

Be able to fit into certain clothes by Summer
Didn’t happen. I was able to get into a pair of jeans I had wanted to fit better, but that was about it!

Run a 10k race
Also didn’t happen. But if you keep reading this post, you will see how I will be redeeming myself on this one!

Read 10 books
I knew from the get-go this was going to be quite the lofty goal for me. I even declared this out loud to Jordan when I made these goals, but I thought why not aim a little high on this one? I did complete 3, which seems to be my magic number of books I tend to read each year. I am on a mission to do more than 3 in 2018!

I did write about 2 of these books on here, if you want to check them out!
Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley and Nothing To Prove by Jennie Allen

Go on vacation!
This one was important to me. I had wanted to accomplish this one really bad in 2016, but there were too many things stacked against me on this one that year. So this was toward the top of my list for 2017 and I am SO HAPPY we made it happen! I was able to go to the beach for the first time ever ever in my life! 

This was Jordan and I’s first adult vacation and first one together and it was amazing! We went to Riviera Maya and stayed at an all inclusive resort. There was a spa afternoon and an excursion that included Tulum and snorkeling in a lagoon and underground cave!

The Extra Sprinkles: We made sure to save up and pay it all before the trip. Another great feeling. Not having to pay for a vacation I have already been on.

Go to church 75-80% this year
In December 2016, Jordan and I tried out a new church and immediately liked it. That church is launching church plants and Jordan and I ended up deciding to leave and be part of the first church plant that launched August 2017. It has been an amazing experience being a part of starting a brand new church! We have loved getting to know our church family, getting involved, serving, and especially learning. We have noticed a big difference in our lives since becoming part of a church and going regularly.

If you are looking to find a new church home, I encourage you to check us out!

Be published in The Pitch and/or Ink KC
I had actually applied for a job with Ink KC in 2017 and while I wasn’t asked for an interview for that position, the editor at the time actually read some of my work and asked if I would be up to be a freelance writer and write articles for their new initiative with sponsors. I was able to write two articles for them in 2017!

Create content for The Extra Sprinkles that impacts
I feel like this one is pretty subjective, so I am not sure if I succeeded or missed this goal. I did publish one of the hardest posts I have ever written in the five years of blogging and received a good response from readers, but with my transition to a new job and the busy-ness of life, I didn’t blog as much as I had wanted, which I wasn’t thrilled with. I’ll let you decide on this one!

5,000 feminine products donated to The Period Project
Now, I didn’t actually hit the 5,000 goal, but got to 4,562, which I was very happy to have reached! I couldn’t be disappointed in the slightest. I was actually pretty overwhelmed with emotion at the response and the number of donations. This was my first time doing this project and didn’t really know what to expect.

Other highlights from 2017:
Getting engaged!
Jordan and I getting our puppy, Oliver
A new job and other work successes

Jordan and I also started a new tradition every Sunday, writing highlights from the week and reading them to each other and putting them in a jar. On New Years Eve, we went through all of them and was able to look back on the year we had. It was really cool! We will be doing this again. 🙂 Fun Fact: We ate at over 70 different restaurants in 2017!

File Jan 06, 11 27 01 AM

So what’s to come in 2018?

Right now, I don’t have as long of a list of goals as 2017. What I do have set is:

  • A goal of saving a set amount of money to put toward our wedding in 2019
  • Completing a half marathon in April! #RachelOnTheRun
  • Coordinating my first Financial Peace University class at Park City Church

I already have a list of books lined up that I want to read this year. We have already done a lot of planning and booking for our wedding and we plan to keep the momentum going, so there will be a lot of wedding planning happening.

There will be a big focus on self-care for me. This year, I will be exploring areas of self-improvement to get me prepped before married life! Simplify and cultivate will also be big themes for me this year.

So there you have it!


Have you thought about your 2018 goals? What are your goals? Do you have a word for the year? Please share with me! I would love to know!

With Sprinkles On Top,




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