Mind, Body, Soul & The Number 3


I’m fascinated with the number 3.

3 Pennies became a big part of my life. So when I was gifted an Alex and Ani gift card, I decided to get the Number 3 charm bracelet as a nod to 3 Pennies. Reading the description for its meaning on their website seemed to deepen my connection to the number.

Three is the number of creation, artists and intuitives, as well as the Trinity, sacred in many religions. Embodying divine wholeness, the number encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, as well as the past, present, and future. People who embody the number three are said to be imaginative, talented, and dynamic. Live your life with child-like joy and wonder, using your creativity.

And the words, Wholeness, Intuition, and Creativity are empowering words that are good reminders for me to have too.

A couple weeks ago, I was in the middle of my marathon of college fairs and high school visits for my job. Working long days and exerting a lot of energy as to be “on” for hours and hours at a time, I caught myself trying to listen to my body more than ever. I was becoming hyper-aware of myself and trying to figure out what was best for me in the moment and what I needed to do for me to be the most successful version of myself.

I’ve gotten into the habit of working out in the AM. There was a morning in which my mind was hard at work to get me to stick to the routine and workout. In my head, there was a pep-talk going on. Okay, it wasn’t the peppiest of talks. It was more of, “Rachel, just go down to the gym and do it.” Not the friendliest of tones.

On the other hand, my body was not feeling it. I could tell with how I was feeling, my body was not going to perform up to the standards my mind had that morning. And I could already see it playing out. I would get down there, it wouldn’t go well, and my mind would get pissed. (Let’s say, I’ve had experience with this happening before.) My mind would get upset and start picking on my body.

Instead, I made the conscious decision not to go to the gym and actually let myself get back in bed and get the little extra sleep because it really felt like I needed the rest. After my nap, I thought I made the right decision and I was proud for listening to my body and trying to figure out what was best for me in that moment.

I had thought about that experience. It was so interesting to me. I identified my mind and body as two separate entities. I, or maybe my soul, was like a referee that made the final call on what was going to go down next. I thought about my mind and body more and the relationship between them how my mind treated my body. Thinking about them almost as characters or archetypes became intriguing.

Not long after that morning, I just so happened to go to Third Space Coffee to kill time before a college fair and it was then I decided I would finally take the time to write down my thoughts about these important aspects of us and identify who they are in us and how they act. (And it wasn’t until days later that I realized the symbolism that I was writing about these three at Third Space Coffee that had a giant 3 logo on the door. Doesn’t their logo look oddly similar to my bracelet? Life is amazing, isn’t it?)

Here is my writing flow:

Mind, Body, Soul

Soul is the oldest
Mind is the wild middle child
Body is the youngest

Soul and Mind fight a lot. They will get in arguments. They sometimes gang up on Body. They pick on Body like any older siblings would.

Body gets the brunt of sadness, stress, unhappiness. Body gets pushed aside when Soul and Mind are battling yet again.

Soul; the old wise one, will have wisdom and try to be rational. Mind will try to convince Soul otherwise.

Mind is the hardest to tame and get under control. It likes to boss Body around.

Soul is the quiet one.
Soul wants to thrive.
Soul loves you first.

Mind wants to be heard.
Mind may say anything for attention.

Body wants to be fed.

The Extra Sprinkles

What are your thoughts on this? Take some time to identify your Mind, Body, and Soul. How do they act? How do they treat each other? Get to know them. Figure out how they operate. It can help in situations like deciding what’s best for you in the moment: workout or sleep?

With extra sprinkles on top,




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