My 5th Blogging Anniversary & How To Make A Goal Board For 2017

Five years ago, at 12:19am, I posted on Facebook, “I am excited about my new blog I just started tonight! I am still trying to figure things out, but I hope you like it and continue to visit.” It was the night I created this blog and debuted it as Glitter & The Girly Girl in which I blogged as all the way up until the rebrand to this; The Extra Sprinkles.

Five years ago, I created this blog and published my first post introducing myself. I actually reread it today and saw how different I am all the while thinking how much hadn’t changed too. Not only do I still love glitter and love Lady Gaga even more now, I saw how I had almost the same goals for the blog as I do today.

The Beginning

The picture I used to introduce myself in my first post! 20 year old Rachel 😉

“I want this site to be a place where you can be entertained, learn, grow, be inspired, get you thinking, and more! But it is also going to help me do the same.” – The Beginning, January 3, 2012

In five years, I have written about so many things. I’ve written about boys in college (numerous times) which were usually my most read posts and sometimes caused a stir. I wrote powerful and personal poetry of make-believing, never having coffee with that one boy, feeling drunk from a toxic relationship, and about the guy that tells you that you are too pretty not to have a drink. I wrote about rain falling in love,  on being a bad after taste to someone, and about things left unfinished

I let people into my journey as I competed in Miss Kansas USA  and wrote about leaving a job I wasn’t happy at. Readers have learned about my body issues and how I am taking control of my finances. And there has been a lot more in between. 

Thank you to everyone that has read my blog the last five years whether it was in my Glitter & The Girly Girl days or more recently as The Extra Sprinkles. Thank you to the people that have reached out to me to let me know how certain posts inspired you, affected you, and impacted you to do something. That’s the goal. Thank you for letting me know the words I type are being read on computer and phone screens around the world and not just by me when I proofread. 🙂


Setting goals for 2017

We are at the start of the new year and that means “resolutions” are being made. I am not a huge fan of the word resolution. I prefer to simply set goals. Jordan and I sat down on Sunday to go over our own personal goals and then goals as a couple for the year.

Our church also encouraged us to pick a word for the year to be a theme and word that can work in our lives. I decided for my word to be grace.

I love setting goals and decided to be even more goal oriented this year. Is that kind of like a goal to be even better at goals? I know. I am sort of ridiculous! But I set pretty big and somewhat abstract goals that will be best achieved by setting smaller goals that will help me get that large one checked off. That’s the whole idea of The Extra Sprinkles — small things, bigger life. Small goals to achieve your big ones!

This year I decided to combine a couple concepts I have learned about and have used in the past. I created a vision board and an “I Sparkle” chart.

Vision boards are a place for you to post pictures and visuals of your goals and dreams to help you stay motivated and manifest what you want in life.

In my senior year in high school, I had set a lot of goals for myself and I decided to take an old school kindergarten type approach to tracking my successes and staying motivated. I created an “I Sparkle” chart. I decorated a little board and put categories on it which were my tough classes I would have all year and then a miscellaneous section at the bottom. When I would ace a test/quiz or rock a paper, I would put a Disney princess sticker in the category it went with. When I achieved other goals like being chosen as a lead in the musical, I put a sticker in the miscellaneous area. I would make sure to write what the success was next to the sticker.

This gave me a cool visual of my successes. If I was having a bad day or if I got discouraged, I could look at the board and see what I have been capable of accomplishing. It’s a handy tool to have when you are trying to knock out long term goals for the year. And at the end of the year, you can see all the cool things you did!

How I created my board for 2017

1 poster board (I picked a hot pink! 🙂 )
Letter stickers (optional)
Stickers (for all the successes you will have!)
Sharpie (to write your goals!)
Magazines (If you want to try to find things for your vision section)
Scissors (if you want to cut out things for your visions)
Glue stick (to put stuff in visions section)
Pencils (if you are wanting to trace anything before you use the sharpie!)


I divided the poster in 3 main sections with the Visions section in the top left corner, Goals in the top right corner and Sparkles to be on the bottom half. I also put my word on it to have a visual reminder. 🙂


I want to add more pictures and words in my Vision section, but got a good start. I also left some room in the Goals section to add more as the year goes on if I would like. Some of the goals I listed are rather big and abstract and will have smaller goals to achieve them. I just wanted to list the big goals on the board, but will get a sticker in the Sparkles section even when I check off the smaller ones. 🙂

Have any questions or need help setting goals of your own? Please feel free to reach out to me!

Happy New Year! I am so excited to get to work on my goals. What goals have you set for yourself?

With extra sprinkles on top,


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