25 Highlights From 2016 & Looking Ahead to 2017


I would say 2016 has been my toughest year yet; for many reasons. Some of it, I have already written about and others I am sure will eventually make it’s way on this blog. In other ways, it has been a great year. Almost a perfect combination of bittersweet.

I took time to reflect on 2016 and made a list of 25 highlights. I am taking December to start putting together my goals and visions for 2017. Maybe this will inspire you to do the same? 🙂

Here we go! (This list is bursting with links that have to do with these highlights if you want to look into them more.)


  1.  Acknowledged my health/financial problems and took steps to work on them
  2. Completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
  3. Went a month without Starbucks
  4. Went 100 days without soda
  5. Ran miles that were in the 8 minute mark
  6. Went on 4+ mile runs
  7. Lost some of the weight I had put on in 2015
  8. Started building healthier habits
  9. Cut down on my fast food intake
  10. Had my first article published in a magazine
  11. Was published on The Haute Mess and Taylor Magazine
  12. Was asked to write a piece for Girlboss.com
  13. Gained my first PR freelance clients
  14. Left a job I wasn’t happy at
  15. Read 3 books start to finish (one of my 2016 goals!)
  16. Rebranded my blog completely and relaunched it on a different platform
  17. Held 3 jobs at once
  18. Gave a talk for BUILD Beauty at ESU and have mentored the organization during its 5th year
  19. Made difficult decisions by making sure to put my happiness and well being as a high priority
  20. Moved in with Jordan
  21. Celebrated 1 year with Jordan
  22. Acknowledged and opened up about my feelings of experiencing depression
  23. Learned the importance of self love and self care
  24. Was able to save $1,000 in my savings account and paid off 3/5 credit cards!
  25. Took chances and put myself out there more in the real world


It’s important to take time to reflect and see how far we have come, what we were able to accomplish, and admire how we got through those tough times when we had no idea what we were doing or didn’t know how we would get through it. Look back at those times you were able to “get through it” despite everything else that was going on. How amazing does it feel to know you did it?

Next, look forward. What do you dream of achieving? What are your 2017 goals? Here are some ideas: write out weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Yearly goals might seem like a marathon. It can get hard to stay motivated that long. It can get boring. It can feel daunting. But you can try to come up with weekly or monthly goals that have to do with that big year goal to help break it down into smaller steps and successes that will ultimately add up to that big goal you are day dreaming about. This gives you ways to mix things up and keep you engaged. Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, quantifiable, and achievable. Have any questions or need help getting your goals focused? Send me a message!

With extra sprinkles on top,


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