The Beginning

Hello, my name is Rachel Marshall and I am…a girly girl.

I am obsessed with nail polish (OPI is my favorite kind), I sleep with stuffed animals, I still love Disney movies, I love anything that sparkles or just about anything that has glitter or sequence. My favorite color is pink with teal in close second and every other color in close third. As for my role models, I like to be sweet and down to Earth like Taylor Swift, courageous and weird like Lady Gaga, funny like Kristen Wiig, sophisticated like Jennifer Aniston, and classy like Kate Middleton.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at how girly I am, here are some other details about me.
I attend Emporia State University and I am an Ambassador there as well as the President and founder of BUILD Beauty. I graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts & Science which was a 5 year college prep school. I know, an extra year of high school! I am from Kansas City so I guess you can consider me somewhat of a “city girl.” I am also from what is known as “The Dotte.” I have been blessed to experience other cultures and pretty thankful for it. I have an amazing family and a wonderful group of friends that you will get to know I am sure as time goes on with this blog! I will be officially switching my major to Communications and I am minoring in Creative Writing. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet, but it’s okay! I am still learning. I know I love to write, help people, inspire and make people laugh!

My goals for this blog…
I thought of this blog this past week. It is going to serve multiple functions. It is sort of dedicated to girls and it is my way of sharing things with you all. I want this site to be a place where you can be entertained, learn, grow, be inspired, get you thinking, and more! But it is also going to help me do the same. This year I want to learn, grow, inspire others, be inspired myself, think, and share with all of you. Like I had mentioned before, I love to write and I would love to use my writing in some way. This would be a good way to get started. Another reason is that in the past few months, my life changed in a pretty big way. I got my heart broken. Now I am learning life on my own after being with someone for three and a half years. I am picking up the pieces and healing. And I am trying to learn how to talk to boys and date…in college. Also, now that I am single, I have this urge to try new things and have new experiences and learn more about me. So this is a good way for me to capture those moments, but also share them with you and hope that maybe you can learn with me too.
This blog will cover a wide variety of topics. I hope to post tips, tricks, and lessons learned. I will also be posting poems, recipes, reviews, and more! I will talk about nail polish, boys, clothes, hair, makeup, and the like.
If you are a girly girl like me, I think you will enjoy this blog. Please tell your friends!
If you have any tips, suggestions, advice for me or if you have any suggestions, requests or things you want me to try out or write about let me know! If you would like to contact me with anything please e-mail me at!

Sparkle & Shine,


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